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Troy came to us in september 2019. He is around 12 years old. Wasim and Troy know eachother from years back when they were at a rescue in Kusadasi together. Both their stories are different but they have been reunited at Strays of Alanya.



Wasim was born at a horse rescue in Kusadasi the 12th of June 2012, as a foal from a rescued mare. When the owner of the rescue passed away Wasim and Troy came to a horse club in Alanya. While Troy was the perfect club pony Wasim had a very hard time, being seperated from his mom suddenly and after a traumatic long journey he was not settling down and Strays of Alanya offered to take him in in July 2017.



Meggie arrived at our rescue in June 2015. She is a 20 year old mare and was in a very bad condition when she arrived. She was found standing in an extremely dirty stable, looking sad and very sick and thin.



- Sultan sadly passed away 17 november 2020-

Sultan is around 16 years old. He was saved in augustus 2013 by 2 brave ladies and brought to another rescuers place.  He later was taken in by Strays of Alanya. He was in a horrible condition when rescued and had a long road ahead to become healthy again. He still has some health issues, his teeth are very bad so he can not eat any hay and therefore needs special feed. Sultan was, together with our dear Pamuk who has passed away recently, one of the 2 first rescue horses of Strays of Alanya and has a very special place in all of our hearts.



Lady is a 7/8 year old mare who was rescued by a turkish man when she was a foal. She was stabled at the very first place that was rented for the horses and since then has been a part of the herd.



Şahin is a 20 year old former carriage horse. We took him in the 10th of november 2019 after his owner could no longer provide for him.
Şahin is a very kind and sweet boy and has the kindest eyes you have ever seen.
He is enjoying his freedom in the fields.



- Hayat left us and found her peace the 31th of august 2020-

Hayat was found in the mountains/forrest of Alanya by a Norwegian lady, october 21st 2019. She was in terrible shape when she was found. Her hoofs were very bad, she couldn't even stand and walk normally and she was very skinny. She has very bad teeth and is still slowly gaining weight but she loves life, which is also the meaning of her name 'Hayat'. She has bonded with 2 of our female donkey's, though I can't say they feel the same about her but she just loves them and wants to be with them all the time.

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