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Sponsor one of our beautiful rescue animals! Sponsoring monthly is one of the best ways you can offer them life and hope and help us continue our volunteer work.  




At Strays of Alanya, we do everything we can to make sure our animals live a healthy life. We strive to give each of them the care, attention and love they need every day. Sponsorship is a fantastic way of making their lives secure and supporting them while they are in our shelter. Your monthly donation is a lifeline.


Sponsoring an animal means you are giving a practical monthly gift of pure love.


Choosing a beautiful pet to sponsor means full tummies and treats, clean pens and much-needed medication. Many animals might be spending a long time with us unless they find that special new home they deserve. 


Each has a unique personality, their own extraordinary story and bags of affection to give. Special friendships will start right here.  


Meet our charismatic dogs

Meet our purrfect cats

Meet our gorgeous horses

Meet our friendly donkeys


Sponsorships can also make fantastic gifts for your pet loving friends and family. Whether it’s a special occasion, birthday or new baby, it’s a delightful thought that’s sure to be treasured. If you are part of a social club, school or society, then you could join together with others for sponsorship as a group. We will provide you with regular updates every step of the way on your pets heartwarming journey. 


We really hope you decide to become a Strays of Alanya animal sponsor. You will be saving lives, supporting a worthy cause and putting a smile on your new pets face!

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We are thankfull you would like to sponsor one of our animals!

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