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Our gorgeous dogs are rescued from the streets where they are abandoned, hungry or hurt. We are committed to giving them security and a second chance for however long they are with us. 


By choosing to sponsor a loveable dog, you will be helping us to give them the care and attention they deserve. Your gift will help to provide food, medicines and veterinary care for unwanted pets that have nowhere else to go. You will not only change their daily life but watch them on their journey as they wait for new forever homes. 


Sponsoring a dog allows them to live their life happily and safely. 

That should give you a warm fuzzy feeling!


How much does it cost?

You can choose the monthly amount you would like to send. 

Every donation, however small, helps to save a life.


You can sponsor one of our adorable dogs for €25 per month.

For €12,50 per month, you can sponsor a dog together with someone else.

Remember, part sponsorship is welcome too, so why not join together with friends or family in a group?


What does my sponsorship go towards?

Your gift helps us to fund essential everyday items like nutritious food and treats to keep them healthy and happy. In addition, it means we can ensure pets are receiving the ongoing veterinary care they need. Some might be receiving special food, and others require vaccinations, flea and worm treatments or medicines.


​​Which dog should I sponsor?

We have plenty of lively, intelligent and playful characters to choose from. If you are spoilt for choice, then we can always lend a helping hand.


You can read their fascinating stories and see their pictures before you decide.

If you are here on holiday or live nearby, you are more than welcome to visit us and take them for a walk too.


Click here to meet our dogs 

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