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When you lend a helping hand at our rescue, every minute you contribute has an enormous impact. We are in constant need of all kinds of volunteers. Whether you can walk the dogs, give the cats some love or groom the horses, everything is appreciated. Of course, if you can assist with daily chores that’s great news, but each small gesture really is important. Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Seki and bring your family along too!


There's one vital way you can always help us so we can continue to save lives. Sponsorship is a simple way to dramatically impact the daily life of our animals and feed hungry mouths. Even if you are unable to visit the shelter, these special animals still need your support. It’s expensive for us to provide them with everything they need and deserve. By choosing an animal to sponsor and making a single or recurring monthly donation, you will be providing their much-needed monthly food and treats.


Strays of Alanya relies on the kindness and generosity of people like you. Your donation goes towards the many day to day needs of the rescue. We provide vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchips, veterinary care, shelter and food for our animals until they find a forever home. Please consider a small donation so that we can continue taking care of them and rescuing new ones. You can make recurring donations or a one-time contribution whenever you can. We can’t do it alone: we need your support.



If you have any new or old pet supplies you can donate, then it’s an extra special treat for our animals. Anything and everything is welcome and will be put to good use. Pet food, treats, toys, collars, leashes, bowls. Clean beds, old towels, blankets and veterinary supplies. Used horse equipment, halters, ropes, saddles, buckets and blankets. Each and every small gift makes a huge difference and gives our amazing animals a chance to enjoy a better life while they are with us.



Our aim is to help animals in need and then find them a loving forever home. Our rescue is full to the brim with lovable, intelligent and healthy animals just waiting for that someone special. Adopting is a lifetime commitment, so please come and meet our irresistible family members. It might be the handsome dog who bounds to greet you, the cute cat who sits on your knee or the shy puppy hiding in the corner. You can’t always choose who you'll bond with. But we know you will find each other.




Animal fostering is a really important role. It means nurturing a pet for a short time, which can assist them in recovering faster from injury or illness. It’s taking those first rescue steps with baby animals or those that can’t cope well with the rescue environment. If you can open your heart and home, it’s so fulfilling to watch them recover. From scared and vulnerable to trusting, loving family members, you will watch as they grow in confidence. This vital rehabilitation will improve their chance of finding a home where they will be cared for and loved forever. 



It costs thousands of TL every week to take care of our wonderful animals at Strays of Alanya. We rely purely on generous donations and money raised to continue caring for them and rescuing other animals in need of help. Without some fantastic supporters and fundraisers, none of this would be possible. There are many different ways to fundraise, from appeals and donation stations to coffee mornings. Anything you can do or any creative new ideas are always really appreciated. We will support you whatever you decide to do!


The friends of Strays of Alanya are the heartbeat of our rescue. To increase the circle today, you can join our Teaming Group and donate just 1€ every month. Uniting together with others enables more animals to enjoy life and can make anything possible!  Your regular small gift helps by providing security. We can make plans for the future, be prepared for the unexpected, and improve the rescue facilities. Most importantly, we can be here for any animal that desperately needs us. 


Whether you can support in other ways or not, there’s something everyone can always do to lend a helping hand. Tell your friends and keep spreading the word. Following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is really easy and using social media allows us to save lives every day. Share our news posts, tell our heart-felt stories, copy our cute photos, tag a friend. Get the message across and make the voices of our beautiful animals heard far and wide. 


Thank you for your kindness, generosity and ongoing support!

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